Why Elantis

Today most hospitals are unable to or don’t cater to high-risk pregnancies with complicated circumstances mainly due to lack of expertise, inadequate services and facilities and limited options. Treatments and services are scattered and not available in one centre, which leaves to-be-mothers and their families worried, tense, unsure and alienated. To start the journey of parenthood in a state of fear sets the tone for an anxious future.


ELANTIS aims to transform the state of the birthing healthcare industry. With a legacy of 30 years, we are the pioneers of IVF and Fertility Treatments in India.


ELANTIS is a healthcare centre run by doctors; we understand the current limitations and recognise the lack of expertise, medical equipment and technology available in India.


ELANTIS understands high-risk pregnancies with complicated circumstances.


ELANTIS has extensive experience in the field of assisted reproduction, reproductive medicine and reproductive technology, having delivered more than 15000+ ART babies across 70 countries.

How do we do it?


By providing a full spectrum of research-driven, highly specialised healthcare services for women and children within a hub of 25000 sq ft.


By catering to every need of a mother and her child, in a luxury setting, so they feel pampered.


By applying our expertise of 30 years in the IVF industry to handle high risk or complicated pregnancies.


By using the latest research and technological facilities to match international standards.


By offering rare, unique services that are not easily available in India – like water birthing, etc.