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Dr. Mayank Jain - Stem Cell Specialist in New Delhi, Book appointment

Dr. Mayank Jain - Stem Cell Specialist In New Delhi, Book Appointment

Stem Cell Specialist

1989 Mbbs, 1993 Ms Orthopedics, Shyam Shah Medical College & Aps University Rewa Madhya Pradesh


Wide Experience Of Working With Mother Cell, Advance Cells Delhi, Med Cell Therapeutics, Cancer Hospital Bhopal, Anupam Nursing Home Rewa Main R & D Unit For Ocular Cases, Metro Heart Hospital Delhi, Elantis Hospital New Delhi Holy Angel Hospital Delhi, Stem Cell Medicare Centre, Inner Glow Regenerative Center Singapore, From Last 9 Years Into Laboratory & Clinical Research Of Stem Cells. Teaching Faculty In Medical College,

Papers & Presentation
  • International Conference On Translational Medicine Bhopal- Lymes Disease,
  • National Conference On Stem Cells By Stem Cell Society Of India- Basics Of Stem Cells & Neurological Indications Chirayu Medical College- Clinical Applications Of Stem Cells,
  • Seva Sadan Eye Hospital- Ocular Indications Of Stem Cells,
  • Delhi Pain Management Clinic -prolotherapy & Stem Cells,
  • Haematological Society Of Madhya Pradesh
  • Mansarovar Dental College- Basics Of Stem Cells And Clinical Applications
  • Agra Orthopedic Society- Basics Of Stem Cells And Orthopedic Indications
  • Association Of Surgeons Of Indore- Basics Of Stem Cells And Surgical Indications
  • Peoples Dental College- Basics Of Stem Cells And Clinical Applications
  • MP O & G Society-basics Of Stem Cells And O & G Indications
  • Author For International Sereis Prp Shoulder, Prp Elbow, Prp Knee
  • Regenrative Ophthalmology
  • Journal For Obs/gynae Chronic Cervicitis And Stem Cells
  • Role Of Stem Cells In Ashermans Syndrome
R & D

Extensive Work On R&D Coined A Criteria For Clinical Transfer Of Stem Cells

Has A Integrated Approach Of Harvesting, Processing And Infusing Stem Cells Unique Of Its Kind Designed Protocol For Harvesting & Processing Stem Cells

Low Cost Effective Protocol For Marginalized Patient Made Projects For Hospitals For Establishing Intrgrated Centre, Designed Marrow Miner For Haresting Stem Cells From Femur

Clinical Experience

Had Done More Than 1000 Clinical Stem Cell Transfers Without A Single Complication In Patients Like: Mnd, Dmd, Bests Disease, Stargards Macular Dystrophy, Lymes Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Parkinsons Disease, Alopecia, Diabetes Mellitus, Anti Aging, Bullous Keratopathy, Sub Mucous Fibrosis, Traumatic Paraplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, Prader Willy Syndrome Angleman Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Cardiomyopathy, Ovarian Regeneration, Ashermans Syndrome

In All Cases Autologus Bone Marrow Was Infused Without Manipulation Of Marrow, Harvesting Large Volume Of Marrow


Embryonic Stem Cells Because Of Ethical Issues

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